Monday, April 16, 2012

a page turn

So, friends, things have settled in for me a bit.  I'm on the other side of looking for a job -- I signed the contract today for a new job starting in June.  I found a job in Manhattan, so I will be staying in the city for the foreseeable future.  This has certainly alleviated a fair amount of anxiety in me.  I really was anxious, my friends - so SO anxious.

The more choices there are, the harder it is to make the decision, don't you think?  (Before you answer, you should know that this is a scientifically proven concept.)  The idea of looking for a job was terrifying to me, because my options were endless.  My next step could have taken me anywhere!  Which makes it hard to take that first step, if you ask me.

Now that I have a job, I'm not going to lie, I feel the tiniest bit disappointed.  Please PLEASE don't get me wrong... I am so grateful to have a job - and one that I think will be fun, educational, and right up my alley, at that!  Honestly, though, I was somewhat looking forward to the notion of venturing off to... wherever!

That said, I'm going to seep my life in the essence of adventure.  Taking classes, cooking new things, taking trips to unfamiliar places.  It's time to sink my teeth in. 

A quote I heard recently...  "Stay hungry.  Stay foolish."


Also, thank you for your patience these past couple weeks. Blogging should be more regular again. :)

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