Friday, May 14, 2010

Some days it's hard to get moving

and some days it's all you can do.

I don't know what it was. something in the air? in my brain? I went for a jog, and when I got going, my body just begged me to run. RUN. Maybe it was that I played the perfect song right off the bat (thank you, bruce). Maybe it was those kids tramping through the murky grasses to pick fluffy cattails out of the pond. Maybe it was the way the sun was doing that irresistible beaming through the clouds thing. or the perfect color of the sky. Or maybe, maybe, it was those boys throwing a frisbee together, laughing, and almost never catching it. But, don't worry, boys, I know catching it wasn't the point. not today.

And it wasn't the point, either, that my muscles gave out before my mind was ready to stop. Not at all. I'm learning to put the two together, helping my mind want only what my body can do, and my body do what my mind wants. meeting somewhere in the middle, you know? Being glad that the sun is shining so I can run, and glad that the dark rain clouds are only a bit off and fast approaching so I can rest. Or maybe just being glad. Not about anything in particular. Just glad.

It's spring. Have you realized? And summer is coming, and that means Hawaii, and the beach, and road trips, and swimming in the river, and weddings, and babies. But that's not the point. Spring is the point. Spring. Growth. Movement. Connection.

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