Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cold Blooded Murderer

This last week my bedroom has been invaded by ladybugs. I mean, seriously invaded. They're sleeping in my bed, climbing my walls, sunbathing on my floor... They're everywhere.

"Really," my sister says, "it could be way worse. And, really, they're probably not ladybugs. More likely they're multi-colored Asian lady beetles."

Yeah. That's great and all, but when you have thirty ladybugs or ladybeetles or WHATEVER convening on your bedside window, then you can tell me how you feel. My guess... you won't like it.

I did not like it one bit. ... That's right - did not. Just now, the vacuum and I disposed of those beasts once and for all. Now, maybe you say, as a vegetarian, I should feel a little worse about sucking all those cute little spotted bugs up the vacuum. But I don't.

Especially because I just turned around to smile at my bug-free window sill... and THEY'RE BACK!

DAH! Gotta go.

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