Saturday, February 21, 2009

i have this vague dream..

I hadn't thought about it in a bit, but this morning my mom sent me this link, and now my mind is whirling again.

I want to run a lunch cart...well, more of a lunch van. I want to make sandwiches and salad and arnold palmers and pie, pack it all into a van, and drive to select locations to sell the famished people some decent food. I'll do it in one of those shiny silver old school trailers... or in a green VW bus. I'll play spunky music, write the menu on a chalkboard. I even have a name.

This is one of those vague dreams that you know probably won't ever happen, and you're okay with that -- because it's just so nice to think about. And, boy, have I thought about it...

1 comment:

Bill said...


As long as you sell your delicious pies.

And as long as its near where I end up living, so I can eat them.

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