Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Haley made a list of things that helped her survive after college. Thanks to her I've found Howies. Man, do I dig this company's philosophy.

When I checked out "our way" I found the brilliant 'rocking chair test'... "This is something we use to guide us along the path we are taking. So when we are old and grey and sitting in our rocking chairs, we can look back on the company we created with a smile."

And a lesson on patience..."In Finland the temperatures get real cold. During winter it gets down to -45 degrees. Even if you're a tree, you tend to feel it. When the temperatures hit this low the trees just stop growing. They conserve their energy and just wait for the weather to change. Come Spring and the warmer weather breaks, they start growing again. This quirk of nature makes for an interesting story. It also makes for strong wood too. Wood that will last longer than wood from faster growing trees found in warmer countries.
Appropriately, it's this patience that gives the wood its real strength. And sets itself apart from other wood. We could all learn a lot from a Finnish tree."

And two golden rules... "Everything's better after a cuppa"; "Man shall not steal another man's bike."

AND, last but definitely not least, a hilarious story about how Howies fought a multimillion dollar corporation and its ridiculous patent.


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